AoW#19: Facebook – I “Like” me

When I was in eight grade, I joined facebook and added basically anybody that was in my grade. Obviously, I’m not friends with everybody in my grade, but even I was getting friend request from random peers, so I’ve learned it was just something that you just do. I never really liked posting facebook statuses, actually, thinking back, I have no clue what I did on facebook other than going through pictures. Last year, I stopped going on facebook completely, mainly because it was all superficial. Before I had about 300 friends, now I have about 90. If you’re my facebook friend, consider it a complement, because then you are someone that doesn’t annoy me and who I actually want to keep in contact with. I happen to stink with keeping in touch with friends which deems facebook useless to me, although I do use other websites (and no, not twitter). The author’s friend has a very good point, If you can’t maintain friendships in the real world, then you shouldn’t care about keeping up with the small details of their lives.

AoW#18 USA- Up or Down?

In our lives, there’s constant hype about the “poor” economy thanks to the media’s emphasis on it. This is all we’ve been watching on the television, and talk radio, because the economy is a very important part of our daily lives. But, with our constant focus on the economic, we become too critical and negative, thus believing the five myths this article has mentioned. Although, I’m not very sure if this person is just trying to portray everything in a positive light, and purposely missing other facts that confirms that American is in it’s downfall. The article mentioned how our government in a stalemate, and that our government is no longer functional, later disproving this belief by listing everything that has been passed. I believe our congress is a direct reflection to American citizens’ ideology, and if the democrats have one extra vote on their side, that means almost half of our society is angered and disappointed by what our government is doing. Personally, I feel like the government can’t help me in any way. I feel like no matter what I do, the government will still find a way to do what it wants to do, with out my permission. They can intrude and take away rights, ones I thought I would always have, in times of “war.” With issues that seriously effects my personal life, the government is for, and I’m against. I can’t depend on my government, and I can’t trust it. I wish I could take a bigger part in my government, but how can I when the country is split? Our system seemingly is stuck, and even with the authors evidence, I believe it isn’t a myth.

AoW #17 Smart now, drunk later

I have decided to read the article that talks about how drinking is a way to cope with morons. I completely agree that more creative individuals have this desire for mind altering states. Beyond the significantly high level of superficiality that America’s society decides is acceptable, there is deeper meaning, and I can see intelligent, creative people resorting to that to find more knowledge. As for alcohol reducing critical thinking, I agree. Isn’t that why idiots drink too? But it’s not hard to link time spend studying and thinking, while other people are socializing, to lack of confidence in a social area. So with this low self confidence, I can understand how alcohol would let someone stop being irritated, and actually loosen up.  Besides the science that this person used to back up the term “loosening up,” I think its obvious that alcohol just does that to you. It makes you want to have more fun, instead of studying all day. I think this explanation backs up the statistics, as well as the other two that I skimmed over.

AoW #16: Where are YOU going?

In response to:

My parents didn’t raise me to be cautious, in fact, they encourage the opposite: to go out, and not be afraid to stimulate the economy. But, even with my teachings, I don’t think I would want to risk my money when there’s a chance that I could run out. The news I hear about the economy is frightening, and it’s teaching me to hold back on what I would’ve wanted to do. People tell me if I want to go to college, I should go to a community college and later transfer to a nice school, because it would save a significant amount of money. That doesn’t sound pleasing to me, but it’s true, and I think more people will resort to that. There’s also the occupy movement, which is spreading the word that it’s hard to get out of debt after college. I don’t want to be 22 years old, and have to owe twenty-thousand dollars. I think this has an affect to anybody who is entering into the real world. Why risk living without enough money to eat when I can have the security of home nearby? Although I’m not staying anywhere close to home, I can definitely understand why some kids, that are not under my personal circumstances, would stay home.



AoW # 15: Yummy Pink Slime

I’m glad that they cleared up why the Ammonia wasn’t added to the ingredients list, because now, it’s a little bit more understandable than thinking they’re are blatantly trying to get one passed us. I can understand how they would label it as a processing procedure, but nonetheless, I think they just trying not to make it noticeable so they won’t get in trouble. I watched on Fox News that pink slime save just a couple of pennies for each package compared to if it was all good meat. It’s not even worth it. I suppose they’ll have more good meat not used, so that means more packages of meat, which means more money. But this is America, where we love to slaughter cows, so I think there would be an almost endless supply, and no need to try to save meat. It just doesn’t seem logical to me, and I guess that’s why a lot of people are angered by this.

On my Mind #3: Sleeping

If you look at dates, you can see I’m writing this at ten o’clock on a Wednesday night. Now, your next thought probably should be, wow Victoria, what a procrastinator. In my defense, I did read the article of the week a couple days ago, but as I’m not really a sports fan, I had writer’s block regarding the topic of stereotypes. Plus, I had no clue what to write about for on my mind, which is the reason why this post is taking a long time to get it’s point, because I’m still trying to figure it out. I just woke up from a five hour nap, which is actually a normal length of time regarding naps for me. I usually have two sleeping times, once I get home, til eight o clock or so, and then I go to sleep in the middle of the night, to wake up at 6 o clock in the morning. I think my body is prone to naps, especially long ones. I can not take a thirty minute nap, unless someone takes the cover off of me, and gives me food, or other motivation. It’s really hard to get me up if I don’t sleep enough, as my body usually takes naps for four hours. I usually end up sleeping for nine hours, but my doctor says because it’s separated, it isn’t natural, and I’m probably not getting as good of a sleep. But, I don’t see a problem with it, and I tend to do more homework when I’m freshly rested. So, I’ll just do this until it’s uncomfortable to me.


EDIT: Oh goodness, *fixes all my typos*. Advice to my fellow classmates, never write a blog post just after you’ve woke up. Don’t worry, “30 hour naps” didn’t really make sense to me either.

AoW # 13 Teen drinking exposed

In response to:

First, I like to say that this kind of subject is what frustrates me the most in my generation. But, instead of my usual reaction of anger, this has disturbed me terribly. It’s just sad, horribly sad that this happens, and, essentially, on purpose.  There is a reason why the drinking age is at twenty one, and that’s because kids my age can not be trusted. Of course, that gets many teenagers upset, but honestly, at this point, I think they’re all idiots. They are setting themselves up for something bad, and what ever happens to them, they deserve it. We are all aware of the risks that could happen, from rape to alcohol poising. Yet, I’m sure many people who even watched this video, will go out and drink. I think we’ve all made mistakes, but I’ve definitely learned. You have to trust yourself and trust the environment around you, including the people within that environment, to let yourself be vulnerable like that. I think many teenagers are impressionable, because underage drinking is portrayed as cool, ever since middle school. Thus, teenagers go out, thinking it’s alright to drink, and then bad things happen. Only then, after they made their mistakes, they go out crying for attention about the bad results they experienced.

I believe McCaren’s comment is true, because they think they’re even better than the law. Obviously, these parents don’t care about their children, if they have to finish their party before rescuing their raped child. Perhaps that child is just learning from their parents to go out and party heavily. Nonetheless, they are ego-filled jerks, thinking they can do whatever they want, including drinking underage, as well as raping passed out girls.






AoW # 12: Is this the norm?

To be perfectly honest, this does not surprise me at all. Day after day, this school has made me so disappointed in what has happened to America’s society, that I’ve given up hope for the future well being of politics. Even in our advance classes, there is stupidity that is equivalent to what was shown in the video. If these student are not able to answer the simplest questions, like what was asked,  how is their application of knowledge in other aspects? The disclaimer at the end of the video did bring up how they were in a social place, caught off guard. What does this say about America’s social tendency? Is it appropriate to act stupid? Do we not use our intelligence while we are in a relax area? Think about about the problems we have in our teenage society, including alcohol, drugs, and sex. I think this is all related, and really shows the morals of our culture. Perhaps if we used our intelligence while being social, and avoid acting idiotic (like how most people behave our age), we could avoid problems like rape.

On my Mind: Crystals

I’m proud to announce that today is the day in which I bought myself my first crystal. For a couple months now I’ve been researching about the properties of different stones, and their meaning. Different crystals and gemstones can have certain effects on the energy around you. It can absorb and block bad energy, and it can also bring you good energy that you find needed in your life. I’ve been searching around on etsy to learn, and see the different stones that can be offered. They are all pretty expensive on there, usually ranging from 10 to 20+ dollars, but that’s mostly because people are trying to make a profit by making them into wire-wrapped jewelry.  My parents are still afraid of buying online, so instead I just admired from afar. Last night I realized that bad energies has been effecting me lately, and as a supplement to help me overcome them, I was in a need of an amethyst. This was the motivation I needed to google for metaphysical shops around our area. I had some luck, but because of my mother’s catholic faith, she didn’t want me to go into some shaman stores, which appeared like voodoo to her. Although I was a little upset, I got over it quickly, because she offered that we go to Tom’s Gift Shop, which may have them. Fortunately, they did have a good selection, and I bought my beloved amethyst! Now my crystal is cleansing within the earth of my backyard for twenty four hours. Hopefully I’ll be able to find it tomorrow!

AoW #11 Taxes coming on your sweet tooth?

In response to:

Maybe Ms. Harris should of titled the article of the week as, is the government looking for more control? That’s the way I see it at least. I seem to always connect issues back to that question, and I think it would be beneficial to share why. When we created the constitution, we wanted to give more power to the federal government, because when we trusted the people to decide the best for everybody, it didn’t work out. It may sound scary, but when I think about it, I wouldn’t put trust into people in my high school to pass laws. I let my government discuss  problem, and then choose what is best for the people, or vote for what the people wants. This makes sense to me, but it doesn’t make sense to me when the government is trying to control what we eat. Sure, they understand the negative effects of sugar. Lets give them a gold star. But the government shouldn’t watch our weights, that’s our job. It’s just a sneaky way for the government to receive more power, and that’s all.