AoW#19: Facebook – I “Like” me

When I was in eight grade, I joined facebook and added basically anybody that was in my grade. Obviously, I’m not friends with everybody in my grade, but even I was getting friend request from random peers, so I’ve learned it was just something that you just do. I never really liked posting facebook statuses, actually, thinking back, I have no clue what I did on facebook other than going through pictures. Last year, I stopped going on facebook completely, mainly because it was all superficial. Before I had about 300 friends, now I have about 90. If you’re my facebook friend, consider it a complement, because then you are someone that doesn’t annoy me and who I actually want to keep in contact with. I happen to stink with keeping in touch with friends which deems facebook useless to me, although I do use other websites (and no, not twitter). The author’s friend has a very good point, If you can’t maintain friendships in the real world, then you shouldn’t care about keeping up with the small details of their lives.

One thought on “AoW#19: Facebook – I “Like” me

  1. I feel the same way as you, facebook has mostly become uninteresting and repetitive. I also agree that people need to keep friendships outside of facebook. I mean Facebook is a great place to reconnect and find out how someone is doing but after that your friendship shouldn’t be based off a website.

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