AoW#18 USA- Up or Down?

In our lives, there’s constant hype about the “poor” economy thanks to the media’s emphasis on it. This is all we’ve been watching on the television, and talk radio, because the economy is a very important part of our daily lives. But, with our constant focus on the economic, we become too critical and negative, thus believing the five myths this article has mentioned. Although, I’m not very sure if this person is just trying to portray everything in a positive light, and purposely missing other facts that confirms that American is in it’s downfall. The article mentioned how our government in a stalemate, and that our government is no longer functional, later disproving this belief by listing everything that has been passed. I believe our congress is a direct reflection to American citizens’ ideology, and if the democrats have one extra vote on their side, that means almost half of our society is angered and disappointed by what our government is doing. Personally, I feel like the government can’t help me in any way. I feel like no matter what I do, the government will still find a way to do what it wants to do, with out my permission. They can intrude and take away rights, ones I thought I would always have, in times of “war.” With issues that seriously effects my personal life, the government is for, and I’m against. I can’t depend on my government, and I can’t trust it. I wish I could take a bigger part in my government, but how can I when the country is split? Our system seemingly is stuck, and even with the authors evidence, I believe it isn’t a myth.

Reader Response: Chapter 11

The confrontation in the first building in chapter eleven reveals Finny’s internal realization on Gene’s disloyalty and two-faced behavior, and yet still stays devoted to his and Gene’s friendship. His realization becomes apparent when he is studying with Gene, he feels “it’s important [for him] to believe [Gene]” (163), because of the friendship they have. Finny knows that Gene made him fell by his “feeling” and a “impression” that “the tree shook [him] out by itself” (169). Finny was aware that Gene shook him off the limb because of a  “crazy idea” (66) just before he fell. Even after Finny acknowledges this, he still is very loyal to Gene. Gene was being accused of pushing Finny off the limb, Finny tells the boys that “[Gene] was looking up [at him on the limb]” (169), which was a lie, to protect Gene because he depends on Gene as his best friend. As Finny puts in more effort into his friendship with Gene, he will soon expect the truth to come out, and he can hope after the “bone breaks” the friendship will still “grow together stronger” (155).